About Us:

C.A.R.S. is our company where we buy, restore, trade, and sale cars and trucks. We are dedicated to excellence in every vehicle we restore. The passion we have of cars is very apparent when you see what we have restored from start to finish. It is truly amazing to see something come back to life after many years of neglect. We are the car guys.

Mike Free

I am a native of Woodstock, Ga. As a young boy I started working at a Garage with my dad in Roswell Ga. This is where I learned to rebuild engines and transmission. As a young kid in the garage, people would give me old trucks and cars they had in their pastures. They would say, "If you could get them to run you could have them." This is how I got my first truck a 1950 F1 Ford pickup. In my teenage years I spent many hours of restoring old trucks and cars and I knew that I was a car guy and that this was something I loved to do.

When I was 20, I got married and raised two boys and spent the next 29 years building a successful construction business and consulting business. But the passion of restoring old trucks and cars never left me. All threw the years I knew one day I would get back to my first love, C.A.R.S.

Location: Complete Automotive Restoration Services
2449 E Cherokee Dr
Woodstock, GA 30188
Phone #: (770) 592-5502
Or: (404) 861 7173
Fax: (770) 592-5502
Email: Email us at mike@carsincstore.com
Store Hours: 9am to 6pm
We Are The Car Guys!